About Us

Midnight Light is a compilation among two childhood friends. The poetry  was written by Michael Pace, and the photographs were taken by Brian Paglinco.

Excerpt from Midnight Light:

Friendship dies a slow death without growth and purpose. In 2010, two old friends decided to combine what had developed into their passions - Photography and Writing. The project of creating Midnight Light was launched not just to develop a piece of art that Brian and I could be proud of and share, but also to redefine and charge an almost 30 year friendship. What you hold in your hands is our joint artistic vision of love, death, and redemption. It is also, most importantly to me, a piece of art that symbolizes a friendship that continues to live, grow, and inspire.

Michael Pace

Midnight Light is a self published work, and we would like to thank you for your interest. Cheers!